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Have fun in our group fitness classes moving your body to music - building strength, heart fitness or confidence on the dance floor in our variety of friendly classes for all bodies. 

Cardio / Conditioning Classes

UPLIFT Classes

Get your heart rate up with our fun series of UPLIFT classes. Boogie or box your way to heart health or enjoy upbeat HIIT & conditioning workouts paired with a rocking playlist!

Rhythm Dance Class

Rhythm (All Bodies Boogie)

All are welcome in Rhythm, a choreographed dance class with a difference! In our Rhythm class, the focus is less about the moves and more about how you feel while doing them, and encouraging some lighthearted fun!

Retro HIIT


Step back in time - enjoy total body conditioning that involves both strength and heart-pumping exercises in a fun interval-timed format paired with awesome retro tunes!

HIIT Therapy Class

HIIT Therapy

A yin-yang combo of RetroHIIT + Unwind

Boxing Class


Our boxing classes are energetic and upbeat and include boxing drills & combos, agility and bodyweight strength movements for a fun class to build heart health.

Empower classes are designed to increase physical strength and/or muscular endurance through weightbearing movements and may include options to work with equipment such as free weights, barbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, machine equipment and bodyweight. 

Enjoy the variety of working out with our range of different trainers each with their area of interest and approach!


Increase physical strength and/or muscular endurance through weightbearing movements with bodyweight options and a variety of equipment such as free weights, barbells, kettlebells and resistance bands.

Fab Abs and Juicy Clutes

Fab Abs & Juicy Glutes

Our 'Fab Abs & Juicy Glutes offers conditioning for your entire trunk, improving posture & function, assisting in injury prevention, and stabilising and strengthening your body.

Superhero Class


Explore your strength with the use of weights, body-weight and resistance bands through movements promoting strength, muscle growth and muscular function.

Superhero 101 Foundations Class

Superhero 101

Superhero 101 is a beginner-friendly class focused on foundational movements including squats, deadlifts, rows, pushups and planks.

Uplift Classes
Empower Classes

Excited to experience a class with us? Book a Cuppa & Consult to learn more about our approach and if our values resonate with you we'll offer you a complimentary class to try.

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