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Our community means a lot to us.

As a body positive fitness space proudly celebrating all body shapes & sizes, with zero diet culture (weighing, before-after pics, diet products, and any messaging that bodies need to be smaller / fixed  manipulated / controlled), we know our message doesn't sing to everyone! And it's really important to us that folk feel at home and unjudged here, and untriggered by diet culture.


This (hopefully) is exactly what you're looking for! If you're confident we're the fitness home for you, you might like to dive into any one of our 3 Introductory Offers.


Alternatively, meeting us in-studio or online is a great way to chat through a little further, explore options and ask any questions. We'd love to meet you either way!

We are here for folk who:

  • Want a non-judgemental community to explore movement, mirror-free & body-shaming free

  • Seek support in cultivating a peaceful relationship with body, food & movement

  • Are looking for something different to traditional aesthetically-driven fitness culture

  • Are keen to say goodbye to diet culture, fitness fads and feeling bad about their bodies

  • Are open to body diversity, fat positivity & celebrating all bodies

  • Are ready to explore self care & compassionate movement in the body they're in, their home.

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