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Have fun in our group fitness classes moving your body to music - building strength, heart fitness or confidence on the dance floor in our friendly classes offering a variety of experiences! 

We want you to know that:

Haven is a body affirming space. We'll help ensure there's no diet or weight loss talk, no body shaming (our own or other's!).


Our classes are consent-based, meaning nothing is compulsory - our guidance in classes & sessions are offered in collaboration with YOU!Your own experience living in your unique body is of most value!

Timings we offer in classes are just that - offerings. Slowing down, taking a moment for extra rest is always welcome, as is exploring your body's boundaries and adjusting your intensity level to align what what you need, in that moment. 


We are here to offer variations and guide you to move in a way that feels right- know you're welcome to raise your hand at any time or give us a wink & we'll pop over and check in. We can help you adjust your shape or offer a different weight selection as needed. 

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Get your heart rate up with our fun series of UPLIFT classes. Boogie or box your way to heart health or enjoy upbeat HIIT & conditioning workouts paired with a rocking playlist!


Increase physical strength and muscular endurance through weightbearing movements with bodyweight options and a variety of equipment such as free weights, barbells, kettlebells and resistance bands.


Enjoy elements of grounding yoga, flow movement, breath focus, meditation and generous stretching.

Excited to experience a class with us? If you vibe with our  ethos we'd love to welcome you for a studio tour and casual chat over a cup of tea. Book your Cuppa & Consult to learn more!

We aim to make all our classes open and accessible to all who attend by offering variations plus the ability to adjust the intensity to serve different needs, however different classes will attract different folk! We want to help you select the classes of most value to your specific needs so you'll get the most benefit, and we'll guide you through this in the Cuppa & Consult


In the meantime, use this helpful guide to consider which classes may be a match for you:

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