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New to Haven?

Welcome! We're so glad you found us!

You can meet us over a cuppa or by zoom, or get started straight away by purchasing an Introductory Offer!

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Are we the fitness home for you?

We're a little 'radical' in the fitness world, with no mirrors and a lounge where you'll see fruit alongside chocolate, nestled next to books on body positivity and healing your relationship with food & body, and beautiful artwork representing big, fleshy, colourful and diverse bodies!


We're weight-inclusive - meaning that we don't promote or focus on intentional weight-loss they way traditional fitness culture often does (think scales, before/after images, diet products, body transformation challenges). 

We started as a women-only space back in 2018 and have evolved as we've responded to our community, welcoming folk who not only identify as women but also trans-masculine, non-binary & gender diverse folk.

We promote compassionate relationship with our bodies centred around care and respect rather than control and aesthetics, and we encourage challenging society's narrow body ideals and reflect on what health & beauty means to you.

We know there's a surplus of gyms & yoga studios offering conventional fitness approaches where folk can 'tone' their booty, take mirror selfies and buy into the belief that smaller is always better and uphold socially constructed ideals as worthiness - which for many, can mean a damaging relationship with food & body. 


Haven is the antidote to this - is this the kind of space you're looking for? 

Explore our studio in any of 3 ways:

Or, go ahead and purchase your Introductory Offer!


Sonia Anna consult

Meet us for a complimentary consult + studio tour!

As a newcomer you may find it valuable to meet us over a cuppa - it's a great way to get to know us and take a guided stroll through the studio!

We'll also share a little about us which helps us to protect the special body-affirming community we've built, and ensure a welcoming, safe space for all.

Can't make it in? Chat with us via zoom or phone

Life is busy, right? If you can't make it in studio, or the times don't suit, jump on a zoom meet or call with us.

(If you can't see any times that suit, please reach out - we may have some wiggle room!).


Ready to dive in? Get started with any one of our Introductory Offers!

Dip your toes in with a two-week trial to see if the Haven is the fitness home for you. 


This is for you if you vibe with our ethos and you're confident our body positive approach is for you and are excited to dive straight in. Choose any one of our valuable offers:

  • Group Classes 4-Pass - geared towards injury-free folk who value flexibility, variety, fun and community


Drop us a message below & we'll be right back in touch to help you out!

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