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Haven Yoga Teacher


"My yoga practice and philosophy is to focus on the breath, be kind to yourself and connect to your body. As a teacher I encourage my students to focus on these points and find the joy in their practice.


Yoga is super fun and super challenging, for me it has always been a journey of self discovery."



Haven Founder, Yoga Teacher,

Health-At-Every-Size & Non-Diet Personal Trainer

& 'Body Respect Coach'

"At the heart of my approach is body respect and self-compassion and I share this with my clients from a place of integrity and personal experience. It's my belief and experience that shame and punishment don't lead to sustainable change, but instead self-care supports us towards living a fulfilled and connected life."


HAES Australia registered

Body Positive Fitness Alliance  Certified

Body Image Movement Global Ambassador.




Haven Yoga Teacher

"Yoga has helped connect me to my body, then towards my breath, onwards to my mind and spirit. As humans we tend to make life complex and yoga helps me revert to simplicity and joy. My fascination for anatomy started pre-yoga days but this love continues, develops and deepens which helps me to make yoga accessible for every body.

My style is hatha based, and influenced by fascia release.

My classes have been described as fun, accessible, challenging and people often say "Just what I needed! How did you know?.

I love bringing movement, strength and a little play into every practice. 


After finishing class with me my wish is for you is to walk out with a lighter step and some delight in your heart."




Haven Yoga Teacher

"I believe that yoga has something to offer everyone, and I have experienced first hand emotional and physical well being that is possible through the practice of yoga.


I am of the mindset that a regular yoga practice encourages positive and life affirming change - offering vitality, equanimity and improved flexibility in life; even after you roll up your mat! 

Through my classes I strive to create a welcoming, inclusive space for people from all walks of life to connect with others in a supportive, like minded environment."




Haven Yoga Teacher & Health At Every Size Psychologist

"I am a Health At Every Size ® practitioner, passionate about providing every body with a safe space to participate in breath-centred yoga for holistic wellness.  I am particularly interested in helping women to develop a positive relationship with their mind, body, food and movement."




Haven Yoga Teacher

"Yoga changed my life – and I know it can do the same for you! It made me fall in love with me again, and it was just a couple of years later that I did my first teacher training. Since then I’ve completed over 2000 hours of training and have now been teaching for 14+ years.


I juggle teaching this amazing practice with studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at University, which brings a whole new element to my classes!"





Haven Personal Trainer


Originally from Croatia, Sania has spent time living in New Zealand and Asia and brings a wealth of training, experience and expertise to the Haven team. Her warmth and ability to relate to people with ease has served a wide range of clients throughout her 10+ years in the industry and she is a programming champion! Sania has a special interest in programming for unique or complicated needs such as injury rehab or specific training goals. 

Sania's passion lies in striving to make her client's journey fun, motivating and uplifting in every possible way. 




Haven Yoga Teacher


"I love teaching and seeing students transform as they explore and deepen their practice. My approach is to support and inspire students and to meet them at whatever level they are at. My classes are friendly, creative and inclusive with an emphasis on Ahimsa (compassion)."




Haven Personal Trainer

Jasmine has been in the personal training world since age 18 and explored all things fitness including boxing and pilates. 

Unfortunately 3 years into her career her world was flipped upside down as she was diagnosed with a medical condition requiring her to learn to walk again and also find herself physically and mentally in a new body.

This experience let Jasmine to explore the body's natural healing elements and aligned it with Yoga. After intensive study and practise both in Australia and overseas she then became a Yoga Instructor, teaching Vinyasa, Power, Restorative and her favourite one of all YIN.

Her experience has led her to a better understanding and respect of body diversity and honours the individuality of each client.