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Haven Yoga Teacher


"My yoga practice and philosophy is to focus on the breath, be kind to yourself and connect to your body. As a teacher I encourage my students to focus on these points and find the joy in their practice.


Yoga is super fun and super challenging, for me it has always been a journey of self discovery."



Haven Founder, Yogi,

Health-At-Every-Size & Non-Diet Personal Trainer

& 'Body Respect' Cheerleader

"At the heart of my approach is body respect and self-compassion and I share this with my clients from a place of integrity and personal experience.


It's my belief and experience that shame and punishment aren't helpful in establishing a peaceful and sustainable relationship with food, body and movement. I gently encourage and guide members to explore life with a focus on self-care, not self-control."

Special Interests

Supporting clients working on their relationship with food and body image through compassionate listening and peer support.

Favourite way to self-care

Spending hours on foot in the mountains. 

Quote of the moment

"Eat like a grown-arse woman"

Summer Innanen, Body Image Coach

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HAES Australia registered

Body Positive Fitness Alliance  Certified

Body Image Movement Global Ambassador.

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Haven Yoga Teacher

"I believe that yoga has something to offer everyone, and I have experienced first hand emotional and physical well being that is possible through the practice of yoga.


I am of the mindset that a regular yoga practice encourages positive and life affirming change - offering vitality, equanimity and improved flexibility in life; even after you roll up your mat! 

Through my classes I strive to create a welcoming, inclusive space for people from all walks of life to connect with others in a supportive, like minded environment."




Haven Yoga Teacher & Health At Every Size Psychologist

"I am a Health At Every Size ® practitioner, passionate about providing every body with a safe space to participate in breath-centred yoga for holistic wellness.  I am particularly interested in helping women to develop a positive relationship with their mind, body, food and movement."





Haven Personal Trainer


We're very lucky and proud to have Sania's fun, bubbly energy at Haven! She brings a wealth of training expertise and 11+ years experience to studio. You will have fun, feel warmly motivated and uplifted working with Sania!

"Health does not depend on body size or shape, any human being is capable of enjoying movement. Empowering women is my big drive and I see a beautiful humans in all my clients...I empower them, encourage them, help them enjoy their strength and see themselves for who they are".


Special Interests

Programming for unique or complicated needs such as injury rehab or specific training goals.

Quote of the moment

"The thing that is really hard and really amazing is giving up on being “perfect” and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”
Anna Quindlen

Favourite way to self-care

Meditation, massage, reiki, yoga, magnesium baths.

Outside of the studio

Sania is a true water baby! You'll catch her sailing a yacht, cruising on a kayak or spending quality time with her young adult children and loved ones.

Qualifications and trainings

2008 Fitness Institute of Technology - Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness/ Group Exercise Instructor Certificate

2008 Punchfit Boxing Instructor Certificate

2008-2011 Fitness Australia and Vision PT CEC point courses and seminars 2013 Functional Aging Institute-Online Functional Training Course


50-minute sessions - Casual $99 | Member $89




Haven Cover Yoga Teacher


"I love teaching and seeing students transform as they explore and deepen their practice. My approach is to support and inspire students and to meet them at whatever level they are at. My classes are friendly, creative and inclusive with an emphasis on Ahimsa (compassion)."




Haven Health At Every Size Personal Trainer

Kailah has spent the past 11 years touring the globe as a performing artist/athlete specialising in physical theatre, which lead to training and qualifying in group fitness and personal training in 2018 and 2019.


 On her journey to body respect and self compassion, Kailah found the compassionate and evidence-based approach of HAES and non-diet and discovered the wonderful community of HAES, connecting with Anna and Haven along the way


Since then Kailah has never turned back. She has also established support groups for women which focus on respect and compassion towards eating and being kind to yourself. "I feel very passionately about helping women create a loving and respectful approach towards exercise and loving themselves - because everyone deserves to feel free and happy."


50-minute sessions - Casual $89 | Member $79




Haven Yoga Teacher

Monica hails from Canada and brings to Haven her warm teaching style that is supportive, relatable, compassionate and imperfect.


"I am here to walk with you on your journey to better health. So whether that means reducing anxiety, stress, feeling better in your body or improving flexibility.

You are worthy of feeling amazing in the body you have now and as the person you are now. Yoga knowledge and lifestyle changed my life and it will change yours too. I look forward to supporting you."




Haven Personal Trainer

Barbara is a personal trainer, Exercise Physiology student and strength training fan!
She is also a former pianist and piano teacher who’s been suffering with persistent pain for a few years now. As such, she is no longer able to continue being a pianist and music teacher, but through her recovery process, Barbara fell in love with fitness and weight training - finding the same joy she had teaching piano, in helping people feel strong, healthy and enjoy movement. 

​"I believe that heavy lifting should be accessible to everyone and that women can lift heavy and feel great! 

I love deadlifting, singing and listening to people ☺ I want my clients to feel good in their bodies, to feel strong and healthy and I want to help them achieve their goals."


Special interests

upporting clients living with chronic illnesses, persistent pain or long-term injuries and helping them find a joyful way to move and stay active;

And strength coaching!


50-minute sessions - Casual $75 | Member $85

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Haven Yogi

Amy started her Yoga Teacher Training journey in 2014 and since has continued to add multiple trainings under her belt. 


" I believe the practice should be accessible to everyone and has so many avenues to benefit people in the different ways that they need it to".

Through purposeful sequencing Amy's classes aim to offer an all-around practice while interweaving closer focus on specific body parts or themes, always inviting an inquisitive mind.

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Boogie Master

Haven Dance Teacher

Jo's career in fitness industry started fresh out of school back but took a detour through corporate telco and IT before building her own creative and digital agency. But dancing kept calling her back and she tossed out her keyboard and threw on her dancing shoes in 2019 and hasn't looked back since! 

Jo keeps the choreography simple and easy to follow, so that as you improve you can add intensity and your own style to the moves and classes are suitable for beginners right through to those who may have been doing dance based workouts for years.


You'll hear music from all parts of the world, as well as popular songs that you will know and love – you’re welcome to sing along! Expect o have a LOT of fun in Jo's classes.