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If you're seeking a welcoming fitness community and an authentic environment to support a peaceful relationship with food and body that challenges conventional body ideals, join us!

You can visit us commitment-free with casual class passes and PT packs, or be part of our community as a cherished member enjoying offers from our practitioner team and awesome member benefits.


Between casual passes, memberships, and Community Offering for financial relief, we're pleased offer variety to support a wide range of needs!



Please note: 2024 Pricing will be effective on the website from 4th December 2023


Find out which options might work for you below:

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Newer to or returning to movement? 
Seeking support learning movement foundations? 

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Working with chronic pain, injuries or conditions? 

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Enjoy the support of a dedicated Trainer? Training towards a specific movement goal?

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Group classes (fitness, dance or yoga) your kinda thing? 

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Does a mix of our offerings feel right for you?  

Option Overview
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Our Pricing Structure 

We're no chain gym, and our pricing reflects our boutique nature, intimate class size (9 - 14 maximum), and dedication to fostering a welcoming space free of diet-culture, full of valuable resources and generous community events. We know it's tough balancing financial obligations & choosing where to spend your well-earned dollars, & we'd like to share with you where your support goes at Haven, including how we can support those seeking assistance to access Haven through our Community Offering:

I'm interested! How do I join? 


We know we're not for everyone, and we're not about bums-on-seats! If you align with our body positive, weight-inclusive ethos, are interested in challenging societies body ideals and being part of a compassionate community of women, non-binary and gender-diverse folk, come and say hi! 

Your first step is to book your complimentary Cuppa & Consult and meet Founder Anna, so we can show you around and share all you need to know to get started!

Pricing Transparency
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