We're pleased to offer Exercise Physiology to our community. 

Our EPs offer a body inclusive, HAES-informed approach and you can hear our Senior EP Ellen share about Exercise Physiology here.

Exercise Physiology is for great those seeking a thorough, goal supporting approach to movement or support using exercise as medicine for working with chronic pain, injuries or conditions. It's a very thorough, person-centred approach and you can read a little more about this here
You can consider it as exercise with a difference - working from the principle and practice of using exercise as medicine. Applied clinically, exercise has been proven to increase quality of life, speed up recovery and successfully prevent, treat and improve a range of health-related problems and conditions.

What's involved?

Your EP will take you through an Initial Consultation, involving a thorough chat getting to know you, inviting you to share about your medical history, medications and lifestyle. They will ask you about things such as any sports you may have played as a kid, what pain and/or injuries you have, and if you’re currently exercising. You’ll also be asked to discuss anything else relevant to your movement and considerations for designing an exercise program. Most often the initial can be predominantly data-collecting - gathering information to establish a very clear baseline, arming the EP with a thorough understanding of your unique body and situation to guide their programming and sessions with you going forward. Occasionally for some clients it may be appropriate to take them through some simple movements in our private studio to get to know how your body moves and determine what to include in your program. We recommend wearing loose clothing you're comfortable just in case you do explore some movement, but it is highly unlikely that you will be doing any actual ‘exercising’ so no need to pack the lycra!

Your second 'Follow-up' Session moves on from here - and this is the time when you are encouraged to wear something comfy to move in. Your EP will have designed an initial program to start working with you. As you explore this, your EP will be communicating with you throughout, gently sharing knowledge and adapting the program where needed to suit you in the moment.

Initial EP session
Senior EP $165 / EP $125

Ongoing EP session
Senior EP $120 / EP $99

To welcome you to explore Haven, w
e invite you to choose any one of our 3 offers to explore what Haven has to offer.  If you're interested in EP, our EP Welcome Package is a great way to meet our EP Nav and explore if EP is for you.
This package covers 1 x Initial EP session + 1 x Follow-up EP session + 1 x group class ($199). 

* No available with Senior EP
* Only available to newcomers to the studio, who have not purchased any other Welcome Offer
* Only one offer per person please 
* Available Newcomer EP spots for spots showing available in our booking system.
*Initial Welcome Package may be purchased and booked through the booking system, but thereafter if continuing with sessions we'll invite you to book directly with Haven Admin or your EP, and payments will be processed using the card stored on your account after your session. 

We'll discuss all the options in your Cuppa & Consult - Book a spot now !

Can I claim through Medicare or my private health fund? 

*Medicare rebate of $58.50 on some sessions (usually up to 5) may apply - please see your GP for a referral and Health Care Plan. Some health funds also cover rebates -  please see your health fund.

To claim, the client pays the full fee through Haven and will receive a receipt from Haven with the appropriate details depending on information required and clients can then lodge the reimbursement claim through Medicare / their health fund. Please reach out with any questions. 

Request an Exercise Physiology Session

Thanks for your request. I'll be in touch with you very soon to connect you with your trainer! Anna x