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We know that life and priorities shift so this sometimes means a change is in order! That might mean increasing or reducing the frequency you hang with us, or (hopefully not!) saying goodbye.


We would love to continue working with you so if you need a financial pause, or circumstances have changed in a way that doesn't align with your current membership, we'd like to invite you to consider a range of options that may suit you better. Honouring our Guidelines is greatly appreciated where possible, but of course when extenuating circumstances arise (such as accident, sudden relocation, loss of work, or serious illness) we will do our best to find a suitable solution.

Community Offering

Remember, for those who'd really benefit from our offerings, who feel Haven is an important safe space but feels financially we're out of reach, we have our Community Offering in place. We'd hate that to be a barrier preventing those who really need it.


Thank you for taking a moment to share a little more about your needs here: 

Membership Change Request

Guideline Reminder:

  • Memberships are paid in advance, by autopay using the payment method securely stored on your account. 

  • Memberships are for a minimum duration as per your selected membership (3 months or 12 months) and thereafter continue rolling over 4-weekly unless notice is given (as below).

  • Once your minimum term has been met you may cancel or change your membership with 4 week's notice by completing the form below.

  • Changes cannot be accepted by any other method.

  • All account debts must be settled before cancellation of membership can be finalised, this includes all late cancellation and no show fees incurred.

Which membership are you currently on?
Which option best aligns with you? (Tick as many as you wish)

Thanks for your request - the Admin Team will be in touch within 7 days (or before if we can!).

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