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Our community means the world to us. Having guidelines in place help us manage our schedules and intimate class sizes, respect the time commitment of both our clients and our team, and deliver our best service.

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Payment cycles

  • Memberships are debited in advance by autopay using the payment method securely stored on your account. Please ensure funds are available on your payment date for your payment cycle.

PT Membership reschedules

  • Can't make a session? Whilst our PT memberships are designed for those who thrive on having their weekly session locked in, we appreciate that challenges can pop up! Sessions may be rescheduled with a minimum of 24 hours notice and as a membership client we'll offer you:

* a range of alternative session times to be made up within 4 weeks
* an alternative time with another trainer; or 
* on occasion a service of similar value (such as a class pass or a Haven event/merchandise credit) may be offered when appropriate 
(**Please note - use of these options should be no more than once monthly, otherwise your trainer may chat with you about considering a switch to casual PT sessions). 

  • Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be strictly forfeit unless extenuating circumstances apply (eg bereavement, serious injury or serious illness) when we may be able to offer a courtesy reschedule or courtesy session credit. Extenuating circumstances may be discussed on a case by case basis directly with your trainer (and/or Anna) to find a comfortable solution. 

  • Should your regular Haven trainer be unavailable (eg illness, bereavement, holidays), another lovely Haven trainer will cover your session and/or you may be offered a range of alternative options to consider as above. 

Pausing Your Membership


Going away? Need a financial break? Take a membership pause!

  • Pauses are permitted no more than once within any initial 12 week period.

  • Pauses are offered for a 2 - 6 weeks at a time, for a maximum of 3 times per year, and a total maximum of 12 weeks; thereafter at an additional fee applies ($15 per week for PT Memberships; $7 per week for class memberships).

  • The membership duration will be extended for the duration of the pause and your payments will be automatically be adjusted to reflect the pause.

  • More than 4 pauses per year may be permitted at the Trainer / Haven's discretion. 

  • Pauses will not be granted if requested within 6 weeks of a previous pause.

  • Pauses of less than two weeks will not be permitted. 

If you require further flexibility, please consider casual options. 

Minimum Term

After your minimum term, we’d love to keep seeing you around! However we appreciate 


  • If you’re ready for a change, you'll have the option to cancel in the last autorenewal period with 4 week's notice otherwise your membership will autorenew.

  • For any other changes such as switching to a different membership, please give us 4 week's notice by completing the Membership Change Request Form. All account debts must be settled before cancellation of membership can be finalised, this includes all late cancellation and no show fees incurred.

Membership Pause Request


Memberships may be paused with 14 days notice via the Pause Request Form. Requests cannot be accepted verbally or by any other means.

Memberships may be paused for 2 - 6 weeks, up to 3 separate occasions within 12 months, for a total of 12 weeks maximum within 12 months.

Additional pauses may be offered at Haven's discretion with fee ($15 per week for PT Memberships; $7 pw class memberships).


Pauses will not be granted if less than 6 weeks since previous pause. 


Future payment dates will be adjusted to reflect the duration of pause. 

Extenuating circumstances (such as serious illness, injury, bereavement) may be factored in on a case-by-case basis. **Please note that as a small business, we are simply not always in a place to grant every request outside of our Guidelines. Considerations will be made on a case-by-case basis. 

We greatly appreciate your support and understanding in aligning with our Guidelines. 

**Pauses do not apply for class passes or annual paid-up-front discounted memberships.

*Folk on memberships from 2023 and prior may opt to honour the previous Pause Guidelines of 1-4 week pause duration with 1 week notice (but not both options)

Thanks for your request - the Admin Team be in touch.

Thanks again!

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