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Haven Founder, Yogi,

Health-At-Every-Size & Non-Diet Personal Trainer

& 'Body Respect' Cheerleader

"At the heart of my approach is body respect and self-compassion and I share this with my clients from a place of integrity and personal experience.


It's my belief and experience that shame and punishment aren't helpful in establishing a peaceful and sustainable relationship with food, body and movement. I gently encourage and guide members to explore life with a focus on self-care, not self-control."

Special Interests

Supporting clients working on their relationship with food and body image through compassionate listening and peer support.

Favourite way to self-care

Spending hours on foot in the mountains. 

Quote of the moment

"Eat like a grown-arse woman"

Summer Innanen, Body Image Coach

BPFA AP stamp.png


HAES Australia registered

Body Positive Fitness Alliance  Certified

Body Image Movement Global Ambassador.

Anna 2021 shoot
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