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PT Memberships

From $82 pw

PT Memberships

~ Our PT Memberships can be great for those who:

---> value routine and accountability

---> are new to movement and wish to learn about technique and how to move safely for their unique body

---> prefer the one-on-one approach rather than group classes

---> are lifting heavy and need the support of a qualified dedicated trainer

---> are working on a specific movement goal

---> are happy to commit to their weekly session time preferred time with their trainer

~ Membership Inclusions:

---> 1 x One-on-one Personal Training Session per week (reduced rate if attending 2+ - chat with us!)

---> 2 x complimentary Open Studio sessions per week to enjoy your own self-guided workout

---> 1 x (optional) weekly SMS check-in from your trainer per week

~ Investment: Fortnightly $164 - $179 ($82 - $89 per week)

Membership Guidelines:

*Our admin team or your trainer will reserve our regular session time just for you at the commencement of your membership term

*Minimum term applies and thereafter rolls over monthly (unless 1 month's notice is given).

*Strict 24 hour cancellation guidelines apply (unless extenuating circumstances apply)

*Sessions cancelled with at least 24 hours + notice will be offered a variety of reschedule options, and are to be rescheduled within 4 weeks otherwise forfeit. On occasion a service of similar value (eg a 3-Class Pass may be offered).

*All member benefits apply!​

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