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Casual PT 3-Pack


Casual PT 3-Pack

~ Our Casual PT options are great for those seeking the dedicated approach of one-on-one Personal Training but are not seeking the accountability or commitment of a weekly sessions on a longer term basis, and are not tied to their specific trainer.

~ Package Inclusions:

---> 3 x One-on-one Personal Training Sessions

~ Investment: $267

Package Guidelines:

*Package expires 8 weeks from purchase date.

*Extentions or transfers do not apply.

*Sessions may be booked via the 'booking request' option in our booking software or booked directly with our trainers or Admin team.

*Priority will be given to recurring Membership PT sesisons, therefore availability may be limited.

*Strict 24 hour cancellation guidelines apply: Sessions cancelled with at least 24 hours + notice will be offered a variety of reschedule options within 4 weeks. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be forfeited unless extenuating circumstances (eg serious illness, accident). On occasion a service of similar value (eg a 3-Class Pass may be offered).

*Member benefits do not apply.

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