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A refreshing new body-inclusive studio that is anything but your regular gym!


A welcoming body-positive studio that is anything but your ordinary gym!

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Haven is a special body-affirming space designed to help our members cultivate a peaceful relationship with their bodies through movement, yoga and self-compassion.

Curated with love since 2018 by Founder Anna & her Team, Haven is the fitness home for folk seeking an antidote to conventional aesthetically-focused, toxic gym where all shapes & sizes are treated equally, respectfully and with care. We are the 'OG' of body positive movement!

And, we love to have fun with community & movement!

We're proudly fat-positive, non-diet and weight-inclusive - meaning we don't focus on weight loss, rather we neutralise body size and gently draw your attention to enjoying movement and caring for your body - not controlling it, shrinking it or judging it.

At Haven, body diversity is celebrated, and all bodies - whether tall/short, big/small, black/white, young/old, tight/flexible, slow/fast,  - are equally valued and warmly welcomed! 

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Weight-inclusive, HAES-aligned approach

We know that  bodies are diverse, and fitness & health come in all shapes & sizes.

Rather than focus on aesthetics and weightloss, our approach centres around compassionate movement - honouring your body's needs whether that be a strong sweaty session or enjoying something more gentle.  

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No mirrors, no judgements, no gym-bros & no diet-culture! 

You will never see any suggestion that your body should be 'fixed', shrunk, manipulated! We're proudly fat positive and actively promote body diversity and encourage challenging society's narrow body ideals.

We strive to foster an environment that supports our community to feel at ease and free to explore movement without judgements, egos or toxic gym culture. 

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LGBTQ+ Friendly 

We're LGBTQ+ friendly and all women (cis & trans), non-binary folk, trans-masculine & gender diverse folk who resonate with our ethos and are seeking fitness community free of diet culture are welcome!


Whether it's something slow & restorative or something more dynamic, we have a range of yoga classes to suit your flow

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Fitness & dance

Have fun in our group fitness classes and enjoy moving your body to music - building strength, heart fitness or perhaps even some confidence on the dance floor in our fun & friendly classes for all bodies

personal training

Whatever your movement goals, our compassionate, dedicated, knowledgeable trainers are here to get to know you, how your body moves & how you like to train! They'll design and guide you through a safe and effective yet adaptable exercise program just for you.

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exercise physiology

Exercise Physiology is for great those seeking a thorough, goal supporting approach to movement for folk seeking support managing chronic pain, injuries or conditions.

"I am so grateful for your encouragement and support. I've spent the last 5 years unlearning a lifetime of disordered eating and body shame so finding Haven has been life changing for me.  I honestly didn't think i would ever enjoy movement as much as this - yoga is something i will do for life now. Thank you for creating such a safe and supportive community" 💖 


Haven Member

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I love that I can workout at my own pace, that modifications/options are offered for all levels.

Inclusive vibe, lovely community, no body image focused!

Amber G

Haven Member

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Let's chat!

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