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A refreshing new body-inclusive studio that is anything but your regular gym!


A refreshing body-inclusive studio that is anything but your ordinary gym!

Haven is a special body-inclusive space designed to help women cultivate a peaceful relationship with their bodies through movement, yoga and self-compassion.

We're proudly fat-positive, non-diet, weight-neutral and body inclusive. We know that bodies, health and fitness come in all shapes and sizes.


We don't offer a weight-loss focus, rather we neutralise body size and gently draw your attention to enjoying movement and caring for your body - not controlling it, shrinking it or judging it.

We welcome all women (cis & trans), non-binary & gender diverse folk who resonate with our ethos and are seeking a non-diet / body positive approach and size inclusive space.

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Whether it's something slow & restorative, a deep stretch or something more dynamic, we have a range of yoga classes to suit your flow

Fitness & dance

Have fun in our group fitness classes and enjoy moving your body to music - building strength, heart fitness or perhaps even some confidence on the dance floor in our fun & friendly classes for all bodies

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personal training

Our compassionate, dedicated, knowledgeable trainers are here to get to know you, how your body moves, how you like to learn & align this with your movement goals & needs, designing a safe and effective yet adaptable exercise program just for you!

exercise physiology

Exercise Physiology is for great those seeking a thorough, goal supporting approach to movement or support using exercise as medicine for working with chronic pain, injuries or conditions.

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At Haven, body diversity is celebrated, and all bodies - whether tall/short, big/small, black/white, young/old, tight/flexible, slow/fast,  - are equally valued and warmly welcomed!

Learn about our community in this short video:


We're not for everyone. If you're interested in exploring further, please accept our invitation for a free Cuppa + Consult to take a tour and explore what we offer!


Keeping our Havenites safe, happy and healthy is super important to us.

Read about our covid-safe commitment here.