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8th July - 5th August 


Not your usual kind of fitness challenge! 

You might have seen 8-12 week challenges often focusing on weight loss, body transformations and manipulation...but we're proudly body affirming and weight-inclusive so we promote movement for fun & health, and we celebrate body diversity, including bigger bodies!


So, our Winter Un-Challenge focuses on movement that serves your body instead of punishing it, nourishment instead of control or restriction, and community over competition!

This is for you is you if you're feeling un-inspired or feel like a boost to your movement routine, or just want to do something fun with your movement over winter! 

We'll guide you through winter to keep you active, connected & inspired with movement & self care.

Winter UnChallenge 2023 .jpg



Everyone who wants to enjoy haven and is seeking a body affirming fitness community - if you have a membership or class pass or if you don't! This is open to everybody!


Participants will receive the equivalent of a Freedom membership for the duration of the Un-Challenge:


Up to 5 regular classes per week (can be used for in-studio, online or Open Studio)

Unlimited online classes 

2 x Open Studio Session per week

Replay library

When you sign up you can join for our events below and you'll get a bingo card just like this one!

Bingo UnChallenge 2023.jpg
Unchallenge menu 2023.png

On the back explains what each Square means (example: Fri-yay = take a class on a Friday). You'll need a Haven team member to stamp your classes as you attend to mark them off. 

The first person to a full blackout wins first prize and the first person to a cross (any cross, 8 stamps) wins second prize. If there's a tie we'll draw for the winners. Plus, enjoy bonus prizes for extra effort!


Heck yes!

First to blackout winner / or nearest:

Hydrating Facial or Massage from our therapist Jeni 

+ either a 2 PT-Pack OR a 6-Class Pass*

+ Haven bag

+ Roskr 10% Discount Code

(*classes member will be offered PT; PT member will be offered class pass; newcomer will be offered either)

First to a cross (8 stamps):

Roskr prize pack valued at $160 including

Gym Bag, Towel, Sports Cap, Drink Bottle

+ 10% Discount Code

Bonus Gifts

Haven merch

Offers from our partners

$ Haven credit for events & merchandise

You can opt in for a Haven sweatshirt as an optional add-on:

(Choose from any design size S - 5XL; size guide here)


Freedom $29 / with Haven sweatshirt $69
Mini Hoppers $89 / with Haven sweatshirt $129

PT Members $169 / with haven sweatshirt $209
Non-members $199 / with Haven sweatshirt $239 

*Sweatshirt orders must be finalised by COB 30/06/23

Keen to explore movement with us this winter? 

Register below - registrations are open!

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My Body My Rules crew neck black.jpg
Proud diet culture dropout white crew neck.jpg
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