We're really proud of our team of compassionate, dedicated fitness professionals. Between us all, we offer a range of experience, skillsets and areas of expertise.

Meet the team!


Personal Trainer / Strength Coach

Barbara is a personal trainer, Exercise Physiology student and strength training fan!
She is also a former pianist and piano teacher who’s been suffering with persistent pain for a few years now. As such, she is no longer able to continue being a pianist and music teacher, but through her recovery process, Barbara fell in love with fitness and weight training - finding the same joy she had teaching piano, in helping people feel strong, healthy and enjoy movement. 

​"I believe that heavy lifting should be accessible to everyone and that women can lift heavy and feel great! 

I love deadlifting, singing and listening to people. I want my clients to feel good in their bodies, to feel strong and healthy and I want to help them achieve their goals."

Special interests

Supporting clients living with chronic illnesses, persistent pain or long-term injuries and helping them find a joyful way to move and stay active;

And strength coaching!

Barbara Borecka - Haven Personal Trainer



Personal Trainer

Kailah has spent the past 11 years touring the globe as a performing artist/athlete specialising in physical theatre, which lead to studying in group fitness and personal training in 2018.


 On her journey to body respect and self compassion, Kailah found the compassionate and evidence-based approach of HAES and non-diet and discovered the wonderful community of HAES, connecting with Anna and Haven along the way


Since then Kailah has never turned back. She has also established support groups for women which focus on respect and compassion towards eating and being kind to yourself. "I feel very passionately about helping women create a loving and respectful approach towards exercise and loving themselves - because everyone deserves to feel free and happy."



Group Exercise Teacher & Studio Administrator 

Originally from Columbia, Loren brings her warm, fun and body positive approach to Haven. Her love for movement started with curiosity and noticing how it had the power to transform mood & mind!

Loren’s own experiences established a firm interest in our body inclusive approach.


"I believe that we all have the divine right to have the goals that we please, whether or not they are in accordance with social standards and accepted by all…how healing it is to know that I do not need to be a size or a number to feel happy or to fulfilled, because life is not limited to what’s on the scales or eating a certain ‘right’ way to fit society’s mould’.


Favourite way to move?
‘I am a fan of weights, of feeling strong and powerful, also because of my Latin roots, I love to dance and let my body flow, swim for pure pleasure and walk to explore beautiful places’



Boogie Master

Haven Dance Teacher

Jo's career in fitness industry started fresh out of school back but took a detour through corporate telco and IT before building her own creative and digital agency. But dancing kept calling her back and she tossed out her keyboard and threw on her dancing shoes in 2019 and hasn't looked back since! 

Jo keeps the choreography simple and easy to follow, so that as you improve you can add intensity and your own style to the moves and classes are suitable for beginners right through to those who may have been doing dance based workouts for years.


You'll hear music from all parts of the world, as well as popular songs that you will know and love – you’re welcome to sing along! Expect to have a LOT of fun in Jo's classes.



Personal Trainer

Kath’s love of movement started with walking and dancing and developed into a love of lifting heavy things with strength training. She completed her personal training qualification to guide others to find the ways they love to move too, from a compassionate and dedicated approach.

Having been part of traditional gym culture in the past, Kath is familiar with environments that can be fuelled by body shame and rule-based structures around food, weight and shape - but as a passionate believer in respect, empathy and justice for every body, Kath is home here at Haven, encouraging freedom from those messages that diminish health and self-respect.

"I'm disheartened by the rhetoric so common in exercise and fitness spaces that correlates movement with “pushing it”, “smashing it”, “killing it"...exercise should never be punitive and I strive to create a positive space for clients to be wholeheartedly themselves without shame or discomfort."

Outside of work you can find Kath walking by the water, or dancing her heart out with friends, writing (both creatively and professionally) and consuming books and films as often as she can!



Personal Trainer

Kyrra is passionate about helping people feel confident, comfortable and empowered, and fostering a space to help them appreciate their unique and amazing selves.


As a Trainer for over 5 years, Kyrra believes in teaching her clients fundamental movement techniques, encouraging them to explore their bodies in a safe, enjoyable way. Working with Kyrra is like having your own personal bubbly & supportive cheerleader! 

Outside of the studio, you'll find Kyrra self-caring hiking, waterfall chasing, and hitting he waves. or competing her German Shepherds in dog shows around Australia!


Personal Trainer

Sally brings her gentle yet cool vibe and personal background in strength training to her sessions here at Haven. 


A mum of two sweet girls, Sally is with us part-time evenings and daytimes within school hours.


Train with Sally Monday & Tuesdays nights or Friday daytimes, or join her for Monday evening's new 7:30pm spot Superhero class! (You'll also see her covering some weekend session).