To call the recent weeks unprecedented is the understatement of our lifetime. 2020 is not going to be a year we ever forget, and the word social-distancing etched in our minds for ever. Despite the need for physical distancing, we’re working hard to ensure no member of our community ever feels alone. 

In light of this, we’re excited to announce Home Haven, our virtual schedule offering live-streamed fitness, yoga and meditation classes and replays. You’ll have access to a catalogue of fun and soulful Haven classes lead by our team of loved trainers and yoga teachers. 

Home Haven is delivered via the wonders of the internet via Zoom and offers all of our regular classes live-streamed, plus they'll be made available for members on classes memberships for unlimited replay over 48 hours. (Freedom Unlimited members will have lifetime access). Additionally, a variety of pre-recorded classes will also be added over time.


Our classes will look a little different than normal! We’ll be replacing our cable machine and heavy weighted exercises with bodyweight and creative substitutes (yep, dig out those cans of beans). You’ll be able to mute yourself and sing your heart’s content as you move and groove with us in a flexible format from your lounge room!

Find out about membership and casual class options here then learn all you need to know about accessing our Home Haven schedule below. 

Alongside our virtual fitness and yoga offerings, we offer a FREE 'Walk / Run Club' (one-on-one) for members, complimentary meditation course, and weekly 'Haven Hang'. Plus, you can look forward to enjoying our social book club, soulful ways to connect and welcoming back our food / body image support groups soon. Watch this space as we roll out more fun ways to stay connected, supported and inspired. 


  1. Book your class by using PTMinder as usual as per your welcome email)

  2. Select 'deduct from 'The Rona Membership' (or your class package if casual)

  3. Click into 'workout notes' in the class booking in PTMinder to access your zoom class link. You can also find this in your PTMinder emails (confirmation sent upon booking, plus 1 hour prior to class start time). 

  4. We ask you to please complete this waiver before you access a virtual class. This is a necessity.

  5. You'll also find any notes from your teacher here such as equipment to have handy, or their spotify playlist so you can be grooving to the same soundtrack!


Replays are a benefit of our classes memberships:

- Our special 'The Rona' (fortnightly virtual) Single Hopper

- Cruiser (month-to-month) Mini Hopper + Freedom

- My Haven (12 month) Class Hopper + Freedom


They do not apply to casual class pass holders.


Single/Mini/Class Hopper members


Unlimited class replays available for 48 hours accessible here with the special password issued.

Freedom members 

Unlimited permanent access to our catalogue of Home Haven replays here with the special password issued.


Zoom is virtual conferencing software that is available through your device app store (Apple / Android) or can be downloaded as a desktop application. Zoom is free for you to use but does require to you to register your name and email to set up an account. 

  1. Click the zoom link and enter the password when prompted and join the live-stream. As you enter the class, we love to welcome you and check in with everyone so keeping your audio and video on is helpful. 

  2. If you're having any issues such as can't see or hear your teacher, we suggest logging out and then in again, this often solves the issue.

  3. When we're ready to start the class, we'll ask you all to mute your audio to allow for clear audio throughout. You can just enjoy and follow along!

  4. ​We'll check in with you guys throughout the classes...expect lots of 'thumbs-ups'!

  5. You're welcome to switch your video off though we do enjoy the interaction where possible. We especially appreciate being able to see you moving during fitness classes so we can help guide you to move with great form, so we encourage you to keep your video on during these if you're comfortable. But know that this is in your control and you're able to pop it off anytime too. 

  6. Either way be reminded to always listen in to the signals of your body...what a great way to connect and build a relationship with your body right now!

Zoom tutorials - watch this video on how to join a zoom meeting, read How do I join a zoom meeting? or explore the Zoom Help Centre.

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