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To call this period unprecedented is the understatement of our lifetime. Covid-19 is not going to be something we ever forget, and the word social-distancing etched in our minds for ever!


Despite the need for physical distancing, we’re working hard to ensure no member of our community ever feels alone. 

Here's how you can join us online!



Ways to train with us


Whilst we would love to be in studio with you all as usual we appreciate the restrictions in place to protect the public. We're grateful they still allow for one-on-ones outdoors so are pleased to be able to offer our Havenites a range of options to train with us:



One-on-one Personal Training 

Mini classes (one-on-one, members only)

Strict covid protocol observed at all times including physical distancing, disinfectant and sanitiser on hand. Masks are not required to be worn when exercising outdoors but it's mandatory to carry one with you at all times. 


Through the powers of the internet - Virtual

Virtual One-on-one PT & Semi-Private PT sessions

Our full timetable of all our regular fitness, yoga & dance classes online for our regulars (and newcomers after they've had their initial Cuppa & Consult).


In-studio (Exercise Physiology sessions only)

Our Exercise Physiologist Ellen is able offer in-studio EP sessions as an essential service if required. Strict Strict covid protocol observed at all times including physical distancing, regular use of covid disinfectant and hand sanitiser. Masks are mandatory for both client and EP in these sessions, and must also be worn upon entry to the studio in all common areas. 


All class bookings can be made via our booking app and all PT bookings/enquiries directly with your trainer or myself (anna@havenwellness.com.au)

New to Haven? Book your virtual Cuppa & Consult!


  1. Book the 'ONLINE' class by using PTMinder as usual, using your virtual class credits or class pass credits.

  2. Find your class link, passcode and any information under 'Notes' in your booked class in PTMinder. (Your confirmation email will also include your link to join the zoom class and passcode. Please ensure you've selected 'email notifications' in your communications preferences - under your profile icon in PTMinder. If any changes are made, you'll be sent an update so keep an eye on emails).

  3. Get your workout spot ready, and enjoy!

(PT bookings to be made directly with your trainer or Anna: anna@havenwellness.com.au

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Zoom is virtual conferencing software that is available through your device app store (Apple / Android) or can be downloaded as a desktop application. Zoom is free for you to use but does require to you to register your name and email to set up an account. 

  1. Click the zoom link and enter the password when prompted and join the live-stream. As you enter the class, we love to welcome you and check in with everyone so keeping your audio and video on is helpful. 

  2. If you're having any issues such as can't see or hear your teacher, we suggest logging out and then in again, this often solves the issue.

  3. When we're ready to start the class, we'll ask you all to mute your audio to allow for clear audio throughout. You can just enjoy and follow along!

  4. ​We'll check in with you guys throughout the classes...expect lots of 'thumbs-ups'!

  5. You're welcome to switch your video off though we do enjoy the interaction where possible. We especially appreciate being able to see you moving during fitness classes so we can help guide you to move with great form, so we encourage you to keep your video on during these if you're comfortable. But know that this is in your control and you're able to pop it off anytime too. 

  6. Please note that we'll be automatically recording to make available as replays for our Freedom class members, but only the teacher will be on screen as they will spotlight the video. If clients are visible in the recording, these recordings will not be used for replay.

  7. Please be reminded to always listen in to the signals of your body...what a great way to connect and build a relationship with your body right now!

Zoom tutorials - watch this video on how to join a zoom meeting, read How do I join a zoom meeting? or explore the Zoom Help Centre.


We love to support our Havenites in keeping active and enjoying movement and we know that many of you don’t have access to much equipment at home. 


So why not make use of Haven’s equipment? 


During lockdowns we organise click-and-collect for those who’d like to borrow a piece of equipment or two. 


FREE for Haven members (those on recurring class memberships or 8-week PT / Semi PT memberships).