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Keeping our Havenites 


Here's all you need to know about covid safety at Haven!


It’s our intention to offer our services with the safety and care of our community and team our priority.


Protecting our community as a fat-positive, welcoming & safe space free of diet culture or body shaming has always remained a non-negotiable for us. Additionally with the pandemic in the mix we take covid safety seriously too!


Upon reopening after the 2021 lockdown, our community members have been very vocal about feeling comfortable being in our studio because they know that their fellow attendees were too vaccinated, and that we have always been attentive to our covid safety.


We encourage everyone in our community to consider their own wellbeing, and the health and comfort of all when making decisions about attending in-studio or enjoying our robust online class schedule and/or considering outdoor training options with our team as alternatives to in-studio.


We're happy we’re able to offer a range of services and keep our members active and exploring movement during these unsettling times.

As a business in NSW under the current rules proof of vaccination is no longer require but we will continue to manage the studio with responsibility and duty of care to our entire community, protecting them as best we can, aligning with the most current information on covid-safety, doing our best to keep abreast off any changes as they occur. 

Class schedule 

The overwhelming feedback from members has been a massive demand for in-studio + online classes across all fitness, yoga and dance. We'll continue to revise our schedule and adapt as best we can according to demand. 


PT and EP are available outdoors upon discussion with your coach.

Open studio sessions are also available to book through the class schedule (using the studio outside of classes or sessions).

Class capacity 

We’ve designed the schedule conservatively with plenty of room to increase capacity and add classes as safe, appropriate and needed.

Our class sizes are capped at 8 - 12, depending on the location and time of class / what else we have on. We have hundreds of square metres of space to play with, and plenty of room for distancing.

Physical Distancing


Our beautiful home is airy and spacious at 436sqm (yoga room 61sqm, mezzanine approximately 90sqm, open gym floor area approx 112sqm+) serving beautifully for returning from covid comfort!


We have hand sanitiser for your use as you enter and at spots throughout the studio, including the yoga room entrance, mezzanine, reception, gym floor and therapy rooms.

Your trainers & teachers will be factoring in a few minutes at the end of class to include team disinfecting with each member cleaning their own space / equipment...nothing like winding down from class with a good old clean!

​We use covid-grade disinfectant/detergent combo and in addition to disinfecting all equipment and props as used, our Haven Team will be conducting regular cleans throughout the day of high-traffic areas in addition to our regular deep clean. 

Props and equipment 

Fitness Classes and PT / EP sessions

Please BYO water & large towel for use over fitness mats 

Fitness equipment may be used and must be cleaned with the disinfectants after use.

Fitness classes will be designed  thoughtfully around use of the equipment and space and aligning with current covid conditions. Trainers and members will make use of the sanitiser stations to ensure all items used are thoroughly disinfected at the end of each class/session.

Dance Classes 

Bring some water - otherwise just your lovely self and fun energy!

Yoga Classes 

We encourage you to please BYO yoga mat where possible. 

Otherwise, you can lend one of ours from the basket.

We highly encourage bringing a blanket / towel (great as a prop for under knees, under neck etc)

Blocks & straps may be borrowed with a generous disinfecting before and after use - please use the disinfectant sprays and the drying racks.

Bolsters may be used with use of your own large towel over top. (Haven has a small stock of towels available if you forget yours.


Gold coin donation appreciate for hire of yoga mats or towels. 


Bookings are essential and walk-ins are not permitted. Due to our intimate class sizes, we ask that you only book into classes that you are 100% committed to attending. We offer a 2-hour cancellation policy allowing you time to cancel with at least 2 hours notice, otherwise class credits are strictly forfeit. 

Cancellations must be made through the booking app.

Additionally, at this time please note that we’re introducing a fee of $10 applied to late cancellations or anyone who does not show up for any in-studio class they have booked into, on more than two occasions within 2 weeks.

All PT & EP services  have a 24 hour cancellation period and you may liaise directly with your trainer / EP around this.

We completely understand that life is messy and that circumstances may arise that are out of your control, so feel free to reach out via the chat function in our scheduling software, or to or 0435 800 709 for a compassionate chat. We appreciate your understanding. 


Masks are not mandatory but encouraged if have cold-like symptoms, are concerned, when unable to distance or at peak times.

Non attendance for unwell staff or visitors

​Please stay at home if you're unwell and if presenting with COVID symptoms please follow public health guidelines. 

If you've been exposed to covid

We encourage our community to follow the public health guidelines. If you're well enough to continue training, you can join us live with our online class schedule or work with your coaches for online EP or PT. 

If you're unwell and wish to pause your membership or reschedule your PT / EP sessions please reach out to your trainer / or Anna. 

We appreciate you aligning with our membership and session guidelines where possible but will continue to be flexible with our terms and conditions when safety is of concern - so if you need flexibility with your membership or session due to covid please speak with your trainer direct or drop a line to for us to address on an individual basis.

A few other things

Online Offerings 

Our online classes are available to book with your class credits and on some memberships offered as  additional credits. The Haven library of on-demand replay classes are available as a Freedom member. For Mini Hopper members who have remained with us throughout lockdown, you’ll continue to have access to the special Mini Hopper Library:

Freedom Memberships - Unlimited online classes + unlimited access to private Freedom Replay Library 

Mini Hopper Memberships - 1 x online classes per fortnight.

Class Passes 

All class passes have been extended to reflect the duration of lockdown. 

Community Offering 

We understand that the lockdown is tough! We appreciate that financial hardship may be an outcome from lockdown for some or that finances in general can pose a barrier to being part of Haven. We would hate those who truly find value in our approach and offerings to miss out on the chance to really benefit from Haven. Our Community Offering has been designed to support those in need, in marginalised communities/ identities with a sliding scale on a case-by-case basis.

- Thank you - 

Thank you for supporting us in protecting our community.

Love Anna & the Haven Team x 

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