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Our community means a lot to us. We are here for women who want support in cultivating a peaceful relationship with body, food & movement and who are open to leaving diet culture, fitness fads and feeling bad about their bodies behind! Sound like you? We'd love to welcome you to visit the studio, meet with us and see the space, tell us about you and learn about Haven.

We know we're not for everyone, and we proudly, fiercely protect our non-diet, size-inclusive, non-judgemental culture. So this is totally complimentary and gives us a chance for us both to get to know each other a little and help you decide if Haven is a match for you. We'll chat over a cuppa and do a light assessment session exploring how your body moves, talking technique and posture. We offer loads of advice and resources around healing from 'food, body & exercise crazies' so we can happily share what we've learnt, no obligation.


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