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Haven is a special space designed to help folk cultivate a peaceful relationship with their bodies through fitness, yoga and self-compassion.

We help steer the focus away from aesthetics and towards intrinsic inspiration. We think that life is much more rewarding when we focus on what we can contribute and how we can participate in life rather than letting our self-worth be dictated by how we look, something that is ever-changing.

We offer a community where judgments, comparisons, egos and diet culture are gently let go.

A space to receive gentle encouragement for tuning into the body's own wisdom rather than seeking external answers or validation. 


Haven encourages health-promoting behaviors without pursuing intentional weight loss, as well as working to change society to reduce weight stigma and other forms of social injustice that harm people's health. 

Fitness & yoga classes are designed around movement for pleasure, health & fun, size diversity is celebrated and normalised and all bodies, tall/short, big/small, young/old, tight/flexible, slow/fast are valued, equal and warmly welcomed.

We welcome all women (cis and trans), non-binary & gender diverse folk who resonate with our vibe and are seeking a non-diet / body positive approach and size inclusive space.

We are proudly:


#allbodiesareworthybodies #effdietculture

We offer one-on-one Personal Training & Exercise Physiology sessions, small group fitness & yoga classes plus therapies including skincare & massage, nutrition & counelling. Our compassionate approach does not mean you just 'take it easy' - our approach is about caring for your body and recognising whether you need a gentle practice or a fast sweaty session - honouring your body with what it craves and needs - not what the latest diet or fitness fad tells you it needs. 


We cater to those who resonate with our message. We're not for everyone as, unlike traditional fitness centres, we don't focus on intentional weight loss, in fact, we actively steer the focus away from this - and instead support our members towards healthful behaviours and recognising that health and weight aren't always so intertwined.


We know there are plenty of gyms out there that offer traditional fitness culture, so our boutique community welcomes those who:

  • are seeking a true body-positive space free of judgement, diet culture or ego;

  • perhaps feel intimidated, judged or triggered at traditional gyms & yoga studios;

  • perhaps are in a marginalised or larger body and would like to feel welcomed to explore joyful movement without the focus on weight loss, or to be around other similar bodies;

  • who want to feel strong and capable in their bodies and honour their bodies rather than focus on the size / weight of their bodies;

  • are seeking support to cultivate a peaceful relationship with food, body and movement.

Is this the kind of space you can see yourself in? Please come and say hi in a free introductory session so we can learn about you and how we can help support you. 

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